The Ambient Files (CD/Digital)

Cover:The Ambient Files (CD/Digital)

The Ambient Files is a collection of the finest Space Ambient tunes. Relaxing drones, beautiful soundscapes and spacy atmospheres, compiled and mixed by Stars Over Foy. Discover the sound of the best artists in the ambient scene like Bvdub, Alonefold, Purl & Sinius, Robert Crouch. Vechigen and many others.Join us and discover the beauty of beatless music. Here are The Ambient Files!

Available on Limited Edition Vinyl CD, Jewel case CD and Digital download.

  • 108:56Robert Crouch - Firehouse II
  • 217:26Alonefold - Winter Industry
  • 309:34Purl & Sinius - In Perfect Safety
  • 411:53Bvdub - Rainless [R]ivers
  • 507:13Stars Over Foy & Vechigen - Want to Leave This World (Into Space)
  • 606:49Blank Embrace - Flambeau
  • 706:07Hirotaka Shirotsubaki - First Frost
  • 810:00Synkrotron - Chocolate
  • 910:20ontol - Denouement
  • 1069:17Stars Over Foy - The Ambient Files (Continues DJ Mix)