World of Ambient™ is the bi-weekly radio show and podcast hosted and mixed by Stars Over Foy.

All music is carefully selected by Stars Over Foy and brought to you in one super relaxing, uninterrupted DJ mix. Travel with your guide Stars Over Foy through the wonderful and calming World of Ambient. WOA features beautiful ambient sounds, entrancing drones, chillin’ soundscapes, hypnotising space music, and ofcourse, something that makes the World of Ambient different from the others, there will never be any beats!

World of Ambient is perfect in many situations, to empty your mind, focus on studying, to sit back and relax, mindfulness, meditation or just for the finest relaxation experience.

The show is broadcasted every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, 19:00 – 20:00CET on the Space Dreams channel of Di.fm.

For more information about the show, tracklist and free download, check www.worldofambient.com

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